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Why dynamic pricing is still as relevant as ever

Years ago, we got used to airline tickets fluctuating in price and then Amazon began dominating online retail and put their own version of dynamic pricing to work. Since then, dynamic pricing has become increasingly commonplace in online retail. With its growing popularity, any retailer that didn’t have some form of dynamic pricing implemented might […]

Dynamic pricing at Orlando themepark result in postive trends

In a new article, Richard Balbao interview Dennis Speigel from the Cincinnati-based International Theme Park Services. Comparing the pricing strategies for different parks in Orlando, positive trends are expected this year and beyond. Tourists are excited to see what’s coming next to Orlando’s big theme parks — something on which park executives want to capitalize. […]

Pricetag and dynamic pricing success at Leolandia

The September 2017 edition of IAAPA magazine Funworld contains a great success story about dynamic pricing at Leolandia. Massimiliano Freddi is interviewed and highlights the positive impact of dynamic pricing at Leolandia. Dynamic pricing is another strategy that has paid off. Traditionally associated with the travel industry, it sets prices according to demand: As demand […]